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With graceful curves, beautiful carvings, and comfortable elegance, French furniture has always been considered the pinnacle of home furnishings. From Louis XIII's reign (1643-1715) during the renaissance through Louis Philippe (1830-1838) and his famous sleigh beds, France has created and developed many styles which are all celebrated today.

French Heritage continues the time honored tradition with the creation of hand-crafted pieces that exemplify these beautiful periods. Perhaps the most beloved style in America, French Country takes its origins from many different regions of France, among them Brittany, Normandy, Provence, Val de Loire, Pyrenees and Ile de France.

Old fashioned Antiquaire distressing is standard on each piece, and there are many beautiful finishes to choose from.  The wood tones, Vintage, Provence and Champagne are all gently hand rubbed, creating a wonderfully warm glow. The painted finishes, Sarasota White and Sauternes (with a crackle finish) create both the look and feel of true antique, and the beautiful Chinoiserie really is a work of art with each figurine and flower painstakingly decorated by hand for your piece alone.

Because of today's wonderfully eclectic tastes, each piece in the collection has been specifically crafted to be extremely versatile - for use as either individual accent pieces or as part of a larger group, whichever your lifestyle demands.

To ensure the quality craftsmanship of French Styled furnishings, we must emphasize several important features:

  • Solid wood construction for unmistakable quality and sturdiness.
  • Total individual hand-carving of each piece.  No duplicating, Carving or embossing machines are never used.
  • Beautiful "Old World:" finishes meant to duplicate the aging of solid woods.
  • Overall and always, an excellent value for the hand-crafted qualities offered.


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